Genesis 8-11; Psalms 6-7

Assigned Reading for January 3: Genesis 8-11; Psalms 6-7


In chapters 8-11, we find a lot of things going on. This is 4 chapters of life being lived and learning how to follow God or struggling with sin but not enjoying it as much as it promises. While Satan promises comfort and satisfaction, sin cannot provide these things.


Psalm 6 – Even though, there is much grief experienced when we realize the number and effect of our enemies, David helps us realize that there is hope and victory found in God. We have the One greater than all of us, fighting on our behalf with all of His power at work. In our grief, we can still boldly declare to our enemies that God is greater!

Psalm 7 – This psalm is beautiful. Here we are given the reminder, that God is our Protector and acts for us! God rescues us from our enemies before we become devoured. In this psalm, David states something profound. In his prayer, he is honest with himself and God that these attacks are not the result of wrongdoing on his part. Often times, we play the blame game where we blame ourselves for the attacks. While he exposes the lie we often face, he is solely focused on God’s justice and protection. He doesn’t lose focus, even in his grief.


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